Popular = জনগণসংক্রান্ত (Adjective ), লৌকিক ,জনসাধারণ্যে বিদ্যমান ,জনসাধারণ্যে প্রচলিত ,জনসাধারণের উপযোগী,লোকপ্রি় ,লোকায়ত ,সর্বত্র জনপ্রি় ,সাম্যবাদী



English to bangla Meaning :Type 

type = টাইপ করা (Verb) , নমুনা হত্তয়া (Verb), মুদ্রাক্ষর (Noun), জাতি (Noun), আদর্শ (Noun), হরফ (Noun), 
টাইপ করা
টাইপ করা
English to English meaning :Type 
1:What type of books you got ?
2:What type of visa you want too apply ?
3:I will not tolerate this type of political activities . 
Synonyms  For type 
  1. brand 
  2. Lot 
  3. Variety 
  4. Breed.
  5. Number.
                                               Example of Type 
Google has different types of features .
USA has huge types of nuclear weapons.
 Bangladeshi people are celebrate different types of national festivals. 


click = টিক, টক, ক্লিক ইঃ শব্দ , কাজ হাসিল করা


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no = না  

No bangla

       Expressing yourself: no
Ways of saying no
I’m afraid not
a polite way of saying no
Not really
used when saying no without being definite
I don’t think so/Not as far as I know
used when you think that you know something but are not completely sure
Certainly not/Definitely not
used for emphasizing that your answer to a question or request is definitely no
Of course not
used to say no when you think an idea is stupid or insulting
I couldn’t/No thanks
used when politely saying no to something that someone has offered you
Not likely/No way
an informal and very definite way of saying no
You must be joking!
an informal way of saying no that shows that you think somebody’s suggestion or request is crazy
 ‘Are you coming tonight?’ ‘I’m afraid not, I have to work.’
‘Is there something special you’d like to do for your birthday?’ ‘Not really, I’d be happy to stay at home.’
‘Has Mr Smith checked out of his hotel yet?’ ‘Not as far as I know, no.’
‘Can I stay up to watch the film?’ ‘Certainly not, it’s time you went to bed!’
‘You didn’t tell Paul what I said, did you?’ ‘Of course not, you’re my friend!’
‘Would you like some cake?’ ‘No thanks/I couldn’t, I’ve just had a big lunch.’  

                     Antonyms for  No                                            


                  Synonym for No                

3:  Not at  all 
4: Never  


English to Bangla Meaning -Yes.

yes bangla meaning

yes = “হাঁ”;, আচ্ছা 

English to English Meaning -Yes 

  1. ‘Is that your Car ?’ ‘Yesit is.
  2. Antonyms for yes                                                                    

  3. Synonym for YES                                             
  1. affirmativestar
  2. amenstar
  3. finestar
  4. goodstar
  5. okaystar
  6. truestar
  7. yeastar
  8. all rightstar
  9. ayestar
  10. beyond a doubtstar
  11. by all meansstar
  12. certainlystar
  13. definitelystar
  14. even sostar
  15. exactlystar
  16. gladlystar
  17. good enoughstar
  18. grantedstar
  19. indubitablystar
  20. just sostar
  21. most assuredlystar
  22. naturallystar
  23. of coursestar
  24. positivelystar
  25. preciselystar
  26. sure thingstar
  27. surelysta
  • Expressing yourself: yes

    Ways of saying yes

    an informal way of saying ‘yes’
    a way of saying ‘yes’ with more emphasis
    used instead of ‘yes’ as an answer to a question or statement
    used for saying ‘yes’ very definitely, in answer to a question or request

    used for saying ‘yes’ when in fact you do not feel very positive or enthusiastic
    used for saying ‘yes’ when you think the person asking the question is hoping you will say ‘no’
    ‘Did you enjoy the games ?’ ‘Yeah, it was really good.’
    ‘Are you coming to my house ?’ ‘Definitely.I will come to your house .’
    ‘Will you take a message if anyone calls while I’m out?’ ‘Of course/Sure.
    ‘Are you looking forward to your trip to Bangladesh ?’ ‘Yes ,of course i will go there ?
  • Cool

    English to Bangla Meaning-Cool
    cool bangla meaning

    cool = 1. ঈষৎ ঠাণ্ডা; অনুত্তেজিত, শান্ত । 2. ঠাণ্ডা করা বা হওয়া; শান্ত হওয়া; উত্তেজনা বা উৎসাহের উপশম হওয়া; মিইয়ে যাওয়া

    English to English Meaning cool.