To Bangla Meaning 

to bangla meaning থেকে (Prep.), জন্য (Prep.), কাছে (Prep.), পর্যন্ত (Prep.), প্রতি (Prep.), দিকে (Prep.), অভিমুখে (Prep.), নিকট (Prep.), সম্মুখের দিকে (Prep.), সম্মুখে (Prep.), ততদূর পর্যন্ত (Prep.), পাশে (Prep.), আগে (Prep.), তুলনায় (Prep.), সম্বন্ধে (Prep.), লক্ষ্যে (Prep.), ততক্ষণ (Prep.), পূর্বে (Prep.), অনুসারে (Prep.), অবস্থায় (Prep.)

Definitions of to preposition
expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location).
walking down to the mall
identifying the person or thing affected.
you were terribly unkind to her
identifying a particular relationship between one person and another.
he is married to Jan’s cousin
indicating that two things are attached.
he had left his bike chained to a fence
concerning or likely to concern (something, especially something abstract).
a threat to world peace
governing a phrase expressing someone’s reaction to something.
to her astonishment, he smiled
used to introduce the second element in a comparison.
it’s nothing to what it once was

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