In Bangla Meaning 


in bangla meaning

Definitions of in
(of a person) present at one’s home or office.
we knocked at the door but there was no one in
synonyms: present, (at) home, inside, indoors, in the house/room
pastels and light colors are in this year
synonyms: fashionable, in fashion, in vogue, popular, stylish, modern, modish, chic, à la mode, de rigueur, trendy, cool, all the rage, du jour, with it, the in thing, hip, hot
(of the ball in tennis and similar games) landing within the designated playing area.
Before I even came off the pick, I felt the shot was in .
expressing movement with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else.
come in
synonyms in:
 inside, indoors, into the room, high, at its highest level, rising
into the house/building
expressing the situation of being enclosed or surrounded by something.
we were locked in
expressing arrival at a destination.
the train got in very late
(of the tide) rising or at its highest level.
The tide was in , and the breakers were a good twenty feet high when they hit the harbour wall.

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