Bean Bangla Meaning 

শিম, সীম ,বরবটী ,শুঁটিযুক্ত ফলধারী লতা, মাথা
bean Bangla Meaning

Definitions of bean
an edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants.
We went to Notcutts and bought some compost since my bean seedlings are growing into triffids and need planting out ASAP.
a leguminous plant that bears beans in pods.
One warning: do not plant near beans , caraway, tomatoes, coriander or wormwood-they do not work well together.
a very small amount or nothing at all of something (used emphatically).
there is not a single bean of substance in the report
a person’s head, typically when regarded as a source of common sense.
You gotta use your bean to get this right so, as they say in the military, listen up.

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