Unit bengali meaning

Unit Bangla Meaning 
unitএকক , এক , একমাত্র জিনিস , একমাত্র ব্যক্তি , সর্বনিম্ন পূর্ণসংখ্যা , হিসাবের মান .

 Unit of Antonyms     

  •   complementary
  •  peripheral
  •  secondary
  • supplementary,
  • supporting
  • trivial
  • unessential 

Unit in English Meaning 

  • A single undivided entity or whole
  • any group or individual, esp when regarded as a basic element of a larger whole
  • a mechanical part or integrated assembly of parts that performs a subsidiary function: a filter unit
  • a complete system, apparatus, or establishment that performs a specific function: a production unit
  • a subdivision of a larger military formation
  • Also called: unit of measurement A standard amount of a physical quantity, such as length, mass, energy, etc, specified multiples of which are used to express magnitudes of that physical quantity: the second is a unit of time.

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