Provide Bangla Meaning 

Provide bengali meaning
Provide Bangla Translation 

সরবাহ করা
শর্ত আরোপ করা

          Provide Sentence Examples

  • I need to respect you enough not to provide false hope.
  • In time, I hope to provide more answers.
  • Having a car would provide the opportunity to leave at her will instead of his.

                Antonyms   for Provide
Deprive, keep back,Refuse, Withhold

                                                 Synonym  for  Provide 

  •                               star
  • staafford
  • stararrange
  • star
  • Hand Over 

  • Implement 
  • Keep
  • Lend 
  • Maintain
  • Prepare
  • Serve 
  • bringstar
  • caterstar
  • contributestar
  • equipstar
  • furnishstar
  • givesta                              
  • star

  • star
  • star

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