English to Bangla Meaning -Progress

bangla meaning Progress

চলন্ত বা চালু অবস্থা 

                        Synonyms for Progress 

  1.  Advancement 
  2. Furtherance
  3. Going
  4. Headway
  5. March
  6. Onrush 
  7. Passage 
  8. Process 
  9. Procession
  10.  Advance
  11.  Progression

                      Definition of Progress in English  

  • we are making progress towards equal rights.
  • Emergency crews are making progress in fixing the broken levees, but they are in a desperate race to stop the flooding.

                     Phrase  of Progress 

The officer confirmed that an ongoing operation was in progress at Tilbury.
                                     Origin of   Progress 
late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin progressus ‘an advance’, from the verb progredi, from pro- ‘forward’ + gradi ‘to walk’. The verb became obsolete in British English use at the end of the 17th century and was readopted from American English in the early 19th century.

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