English to Bangla Meaning -Desperate

    desperate bangla meaning

  • আশাহীন 
  •  আশাহত
  • উন্মত্ত


  • দুর্দান্ত
  • মরিয়া
  • হতাশ
  • প্রচণ্ড

                         Synonyms for Desperate 

  1. Despairing
  2. Despondent
  3. Forlorn
  4. Hopeless

                       Antonyms for Desperate 

  • Hopeful
  • Optimistic

                 Definition of Desperate in English 

  • He is  desperate for a cigarette.

                   Origin of Desperate word 
Late Middle English (in the sense ‘in despair’): from Latin desperatus ‘deprived of hope’, past participle of desperare.


  • Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies
  • she resorted to even more desperate remedies

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