Derivative Bangla Meaning 

Derivative bengali meaning
Derivative Bangla Translation                                 


                                          Synonym for Derivative 

  • Brand,
  •  Brand leader
  • Brand name
  • By-product 
  • Commodity
  • Derivative 
  • End product
  • Generation
  • line

                                             Antonyms for Derivative 

  • Underived

                           Origin of Derivative word 
Late Middle English (in the adjective sense ‘having the power to draw off’, and in the noun sense ‘a word derived from another’): from French dérivatif, -ive, from Latin derivatives, from derivare.

          Definition of Derivative in English  
This is because they buy complex derivative products to mirror the performance of the underlying stock market index or indices which are not transparently priced.

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