English to Bangla Meaning -Yes.

yes bangla meaning

yes = “হাঁ”;, আচ্ছা 

English to English Meaning -Yes 

  1. ‘Is that your Car ?’ ‘Yesit is.
  2. Antonyms for yes                                                                    

  3. Synonym for YES                                             
  1. affirmativestar
  2. amenstar
  3. finestar
  4. goodstar
  5. okaystar
  6. truestar
  7. yeastar
  8. all rightstar
  9. ayestar
  10. beyond a doubtstar
  11. by all meansstar
  12. certainlystar
  13. definitelystar
  14. even sostar
  15. exactlystar
  16. gladlystar
  17. good enoughstar
  18. grantedstar
  19. indubitablystar
  20. just sostar
  21. most assuredlystar
  22. naturallystar
  23. of coursestar
  24. positivelystar
  25. preciselystar
  26. sure thingstar
  27. surelysta
  • Expressing yourself: yes

    Ways of saying yes

    an informal way of saying ‘yes’
    a way of saying ‘yes’ with more emphasis
    used instead of ‘yes’ as an answer to a question or statement
    used for saying ‘yes’ very definitely, in answer to a question or request

    used for saying ‘yes’ when in fact you do not feel very positive or enthusiastic
    used for saying ‘yes’ when you think the person asking the question is hoping you will say ‘no’
    ‘Did you enjoy the games ?’ ‘Yeah, it was really good.’
    ‘Are you coming to my house ?’ ‘Definitely.I will come to your house .’
    ‘Will you take a message if anyone calls while I’m out?’ ‘Of course/Sure.
    ‘Are you looking forward to your trip to Bangladesh ?’ ‘Yes ,of course i will go there ?
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