no = না  

No bangla

       Expressing yourself: no
Ways of saying no
I’m afraid not
a polite way of saying no
Not really
used when saying no without being definite
I don’t think so/Not as far as I know
used when you think that you know something but are not completely sure
Certainly not/Definitely not
used for emphasizing that your answer to a question or request is definitely no
Of course not
used to say no when you think an idea is stupid or insulting
I couldn’t/No thanks
used when politely saying no to something that someone has offered you
Not likely/No way
an informal and very definite way of saying no
You must be joking!
an informal way of saying no that shows that you think somebody’s suggestion or request is crazy
 ‘Are you coming tonight?’ ‘I’m afraid not, I have to work.’
‘Is there something special you’d like to do for your birthday?’ ‘Not really, I’d be happy to stay at home.’
‘Has Mr Smith checked out of his hotel yet?’ ‘Not as far as I know, no.’
‘Can I stay up to watch the film?’ ‘Certainly not, it’s time you went to bed!’
‘You didn’t tell Paul what I said, did you?’ ‘Of course not, you’re my friend!’
‘Would you like some cake?’ ‘No thanks/I couldn’t, I’ve just had a big lunch.’  

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                  Synonym for No                

3:  Not at  all 
4: Never  

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