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English to Bangla

Back in 1990 if you want to translate any official documents from English to Bangla. What is an option for you to understand the English language to your Bengali language?

You must have to go any English expert or go to any official language translator. Nowadays you do not need to go to any language experts and you can do it by yourself. Just you need an internet connection. I show how to translate English to Bengali, English to Bangla free dictionary download.

Google translate english to bangla .

if you want to translate any foreign language Google translator service will be the first choice. It is the best for good and accurate translation.

let’s see how we can translate Bangla to English. Google offers two types of service .one is completely free and another is pro service.

Pro version: you can translate more than 100 forging languages. Go to this line to use the Google translate service.

Translate bangla to English

On the internet, many platforms offer free translation.

Bengali to english translate free softwre online

Google translate: is the best software to translate for any language .you can convert instantly to more than 100 languages.

Microsoft translator: is one of the most usage translate services. It’s free software and you can use it to transfer English to any language.

bing translator

translate.yandex.com is another giant on the internet for the translation of any language. It’s a is free service to translate Bengali to English.

yandex English to Bengali translate

MyMemory Translation

English to Bangla translate

Is becoming popular for translation language. you can convert English to Bangla languages.

Translatedict: It is not a very well-known translate software but it has many features to translate language .it can auto-detect any langue and covert English. In my opinion, if want to learn English you can use this software text-to-speech translation service because you can type Bengali and it will be translated into English speech. As a result, you can listen and repeat.

English to bengali

Babylon Translator :

You can easily translate English to Bangla but it’s is some limitation. Right now it’s offering only 70 languages.

Top 3 English to bengali translation apps.

Many languages and voice translation apps are available on the internet but all are not good to translate English to Bengali. Among all, I choose the 3 best apps.

  1. SayHi :it is the best app for voice convert to text .you do not need to typing simply speak on device and the app will automatically translate and then transcribe messages to be seen and heard by a counterpart. english to bengali tranlation app
  2. TextGrabber :looking to translate any Bengali printed documents, Bengali to English Translation book PDF,images, live video, reading menus, road direction, without taking photos Textgrabber is for you .simply turn on the camera and it will translate in English.
  3. iTranslate Voice 3 : You have a plan to go on holiday abroad or go for other purposes, but thinking about language difficulty do not worry iTranslate Voice is the best solution for you. The app is designed for voice to voice translate .sipmly spake your langue and translate choosing a language. .english to bangla

How to translate English documents to bangla languages?

English is an international language and second language in Bangladesh. From justice to government officials and like other non-government offices are using English for legal documents.

You can use some free tools to translate official documents.

the complete guideline on how to convert Bengali pdf, image documents to English.

  1. Go to Google translate .comThen select camera now there’s three options instant,camera ‘impot.
  2. Now slect as your preferred imagine if you want to import documents from your mobile gallery or computer harddrive select impot and download documents all types such pdf ,images ,screenshots etc.
    Google will upload it .

The next step is to select all text as uploaded files.

now use your fingertips to select text as you want to covert .either choose to select all and that will be translated from English to Bangla.

How can translate bengali voices to forging language.

Bangla audio voice translate.

We can not speak with foreigners before the internet revolution without knowing English. But time has been changed you can convert to any foreigner with your native language.

Let’s see how we can convert our native language to English speakers.

Google translate conversation:

First, select your language for example Bengali and the opposite language English, etc.

Now hit the conversation and let’s start speaking.

Most common pharse english to bangla

  1. Hello- but in Bangladesh widly use assalamualaikum.
  2. Good morning-শুভ সকাল
  3. How are you ?আপনি কেমন আছেন?
  4. Nice to meet you-তোমার সাথে দেখা করে ভালো লাগলো.
  5. Thank you -ধন্যবাদ.
  6. You atre welcome-আপনি স্বাগত জানাই
  7. Good bye -বিদায়
  8. Good night-শুভরাত্রি
  9. See you leter-পরে দেখা হবে
  10. Best of luck-শুভকামনা
  11. sweet dream-মধুর স্বপ্ন

English to Bengali common conversation

you can use this phrase to speak to any English speaker. this is a basic English conversation phrase.

  1. What is your name? আপনার নাম কি?
  2. please -অনুগ্রহ করে.Use this worde to request someone .For example please can you helpe me ?
  3. excuse me -মাফ করবেন.
  4. sorry -দুঃখিত.This one of the most common and widly use all over the world as well in Bangladesh.
  5. How can I help you?- আপনাকে কিভাবে সাহায্য করতে পারি.

Wishing sentence english to Bengali trnalte

  1. Happy Birthday -শুভ জন্মদিন.
  2. Happy Anniversary-শুভ বার্ষিকী
  3. Happy New Year-শুভ নববর্ষ
  4. Happy Belated Birthday-বিলম্বিত শুভ জন্মদিন
  5. Happy Friday-শুভ শুক্রবার.

English to Bangla family and relationship

  1. Mother-মা
  2. Father-বাবা
  3. Sister-বোন
  4. Brother-ভাই
  5. Daughter-মেয়ে
  6. Son-ছেলে
  7. Wife-স্ত্রী
  8. Husband-স্বামী
  9. Grandmother-দাদি
  10. Grandfather-দাদা
  11. Daughter in Law-পুত্রবধূ
  12. Son in Law-জামাই
  13. Sister in Law-শালী
  14. Brother in Law-দুলাভাই, শালা